Open Design Developer Conference 2018

Prague, Czech Republic, September 10 - 11th

Conference Videos Available

Open Design Alliance held its annual Developer Conference in Prague, Czech Republic in September 2018. We had more than 150 attendees — a warm thank you to all who took part. Videos from the conference are available for everyone to access.

Conference 2018 Presentations

ODA President - Neil Peterson - made an announcement about rebranding. Teigha is no more and ODA will live on as the main brand. The second important point is BIM SDK – its functionality constantly rises and the IFC file format (standard exchange format for BIM) is launched.

Want to know what new products and features will be implemented within the next year? Sergey Vishnevetsky, Development Director of ODA, outlines key points, highlighting well known and less familiar products and features.

BIM Team Lead Ivan Serbinovsky provides the current status and future plans for the next year. During the last year BIM SDK grew significantly: support of the new file format 2019 and a list of other improvements.

Visualize SDK is a new general-purpose graphics engine and standard for engineering graphics. What can be visualized using Visualize SDK? What improvements are available? Where can the data be visualized? The Visualize team provides you with answers and examples.

Drawings SDK and its extensions leverage the power of the .dwg format. Learn about improvements, enhancements and new approaches that turn Drawings SDK into a platform for modern CAD application development.

ODA is glad to announce support of new formats. The recently launched “Interoperability for NavisWorks” project already has something to show. Be the first to join it, and be the first to benefit from it.

The Publish project is your key for creating smart 3D documentation. This presentation is for those who wish to provide the features of CAD software in a standard and widespread PDF reader.

Interoperability is one of the key features ODA is famous for. Alex Rumiantsev, Quality and Components Team Lead, provides up-to-date information about significant enhancements made in this area and shares future plans.